Please let me introduce Psalm 133 Ministries. If you are a Covenant follower of Messiah who feels isolated and longs for fellowship, WELCOME! We invite insight and different perspectives, but . . . if you believe someone is wrong, rather than arguing and breaking fellowship, pray for them.  Keep in mind the fine line between discussion and argument.  If it happens repeatedly, please come to me and we'll pray to see what Father wants us to do. If you have an agenda and are simply looking for a platform, this is probably not the place for you. If you are a "teacher" who tells students what to think and how to respond, you may be disappointed. If you simply enjoy trolling, please feel free to follow me on Facebook.   😉 This is a place for encouragement, sharing prayer requests, offering intercession, and fellowship. We will post the Torah portion weekly and plan to create a forum board for discussion.  We may also add a room for audio discussion . . . We would d